This Machine Can Kill the Coronavirus

A new machine has started to see a growth in popularity thanks to its effectiveness against the novel coronavirus. This new robot is able to remove the coronavirus from anywhere in just 2 minutes.

The device comes from Xenes Disinfection Services, a medical firm in the US that has successfully tested the LightStrike robot against the COVID-19. it’s also being sold by Terumo, which is another medical equipment manufacturer in Japan.

The robot emits ultraviolet radiation at a wavelength between 200 and 312 nanometers which will decontaminate objects like beds, doorknobs, and other surfaces that people commonly inherit contact with. The ultraviolet radiation leaves the virus incapacitated within 2 minutes.

According to Xenex, this technology has previously worked successfully on multidrug bacteria and Ebola virus also . it’s also proven to be 99% effective against destroying COVID-19 from N95 masks, a development that would eliminate the danger involved with using personal protective equipment for extended periods of time.

Terumo was granted exclusive distribution rights to the LightStrike robot in 2017 but interest in the device has been growing. it’s now been deployed in more than 500 facilities worldwide and therefore the company is hoping to deploy many more by the end of this month.

Terumo says they’ve already received many new inquiries about the robot and that they believe they’re on the right track.