The screenwriter|scriptwriter} for all of the 5 ‘Twilight’ movies started up as a writer for many episodes of ‘Dr.Quinn: medicine Woman’, ‘Ally McBeal’, ‘The O.C.’ and different shows. Then she went on to become a part of the team who wrote the plot line for all of the episodes from the the primary four seasons of ‘Dexter’. Her name is melissa Anne Rosenberg and she has 2 emmy nominations, among other prizes and nominations she has received for her work. once the ‘Dexter’ series entered its fourth season, Rosenberg was promoted to executive producer.


When she was asked to become the film writer for the first Twilight film, by adapting Stephanie Meyer’s novels, she accepted but continued working on the writers’ team of the hit series ‘Dexter’ as well.
In fact, she continued working on both the television show and the big screen vampire-themed fantasy romance blockbusters until the fourth season of dextral finished, and after she had completed the screen adaptation for the first 3 movies from the Twilight saga.

In a recent interview, Rosenberg admitted she misses the team of the ‘Dexter’ show, however also said that she left at the correct time, straight after the screenwriters had “killed-off” one of the most characters – Rita – which she didn’t regret dedicating herself to the Twilight saga by finishing the 2 parts of ‘Breaking Dawn’.


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