Qandeel Baloch Story From Bus Hostess to Drama Queen

Interesting Fact About Qandeel Baloch

Multan (Malik Azam) – controversy queen Qandeel Baloch has been headlining the news for the beyond couple of days for her scandalous statements on television and secretive Hotel room conferences with religious scholar. despite the fact that she now lives a relatively glamorous life, new information found out about her past show that she may have once lived an ordinary life of hardship and unrequited life before showbiz.

According to details available with Facts About, Qandeel real name is Fouzia and full name Fouzia Azeem and she hails from backward areas of Dera Ghazi Khan, referred to as shah sadar din – a far cry from the glitzy city of lights (Karachi) that she says she is from.

again in 2003-04, when she was still in the eighth grade, she fell in love with a boy and they both determined to elope together. alas, the day fouzia fled her home the boy she was in love with ditched her.

this betrayal marked a turning point inside the model’s lifestyles who then decided to emerge as absolutely self-reliant in life.

Qandeel Baloch Real Name
she joined a bus transport organization as a hostess and braved the grim demanding situations of life. Back then, she was reportedly in touch along with her family. however, she later decided to move on with her life and joined showbiz  with new name Qandeel Baloch.

in 2007, she went to south africa to earn money for herself. She later worked in Middle East and various other European countries before opting to return back to Pakistan to work on her acting skills.

Qandeel now switches between Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad for showbiz career. reportedly, she is now with her family and stays with her father when she is in Lahore.

Qandeel has 4 sibling brothers, one of them is a drug addict, while 2nd one is employed by the Punjab Police. the third one live in saudi arabia while the fourth is still in school-going age.