Johnny Depp reveals he's blind in one eye
In the July issue of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine the famous actor and musician said he was totally blind in his left eye and nearsighted in his right one. He explained that he saw everything blurry and that he couldn’t see much while acting if he’s not wearing eye glasses. He told the magazine he has had issues with his eye-sight ever since he was born.

Another thing that could shock his fans is that he’s tired of being an actor. Depp, who got popular for his roles in “21 Jump Street”, “Blow”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Edward Scissorhands” says he’s been living most of his life as a fugitive. Apparently, his numerous fans have been forcing him to seek escape through kitchen exits in restaurants and underground labyrinths in hotels.

He also says he can’t see himself in the acting career for another 10 years. Depp, who celebrated his fiftieth birthday this year, isn’t very keen on being an actor anymore. He says that even though he’s happy with his career, his desire is to go to a place where he won’t have to run from anyone anymore.


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