Most people love Mother Nature. we have a tendency to love it such a lot sometimes that some of USA are even keen on hugging trees only for fun. However, in China you can get in trouble for doing it as there’s a law against hugging trees.

Hugging Is Forbidden In China
Hugging Is Forbidden In China

Some years past a mass tree hugging took place simply outside China’s imperial garden Zhongnanhai in Peiping. Since then the govt has forbidden tree hugging in the country. It’s believed that tree huggers fashioned some quite a dangerous cult and were a threat to the national unity since the govt was convinced it might cause them to be overthrown. for instance, some tree huggers in port have shown photos of dead bodies claiming that the individuals were murdered and their organs were sold on the Chinese black market. in line with the huggers, the individuals were murdered by the authorities.

The Chinese government refused to ever discuss this matter though it issued a law against tree necking and huggers’ events. several tree huggers were forced to sign a pledge that they might ne’er hug a tree once more. what is more, the govt has sent resisters to reeducation labor camps and even jail.


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