Our society usually puts celebrities on a pedestal of physiological perfection. In our eyes, they need the right form, good skin, good hair, good everything. It’s refreshing to grasp that square measure|they’re} simply people! Here are a number of of our favourite celebrity before and when photoshop moments. Most of them ar even as stunning pre-photoshop, however beauty is within the eye of the mortal.

What do you think of these images?
Should we as a society continue to be obsessed with the perfection photoshop enables?

Here are a few of our favorite celebrity before and after photoshopped.


Adriana Lima - photoshop Alicia Silverstone - photoshop Andy Roddick - photoshop Angelina Jolie - photoshop Ashlee Simpson - photoshop Avril Lavigne - photoshop Britney Spears - photoshop Brittany Murphy - photoshop Cameron Diaz - photoshop Demi Moore -photoshop Eva Mendes - photoshop Faith Hill - photoshop Fergie - photoshop Gemma Atkinson - photoshop George Clooney - photoshop Hilary Duff - photoshop Jennifer Aniston - photoshop Kate Moss - photoshop Katie Couric - photoshop Kim Cattrall - photoshop Madonna - photoshop Megan Fox - photoshop Nina Garcia - photoshop Penélope Cruz - photoshop Scarlett Johansson - photoshop


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