Interesting Facts About Girls:

1. Staying Silent
Although not every girl does this on her first date, many actually are silent as a fish in such occasions. You’re not just meeting a new person, you are also on a romantic dinner or at the movies. No matter the situation, there is something you can and should talk about. There is a big chance, considering men do not gossip and talk as much as girls in general, that he is not going to last much talking all by himself.

2. Talking about the Men in Your Family
It is cute to tell stories about other people in your family, but if it’s all about the men and you’re telling all these exceptional stories… the one in front of you might think you’re going to compare him to your father and brother and he would lose. You don’t want this to happen.

3. Bringing up the Kids
Are you seriously talking how great it would be to have children on a first date? Sure, you might be thinking about it, but men are not suited for such conversations, even the ones who have been married for years and really want a kid.

4. Texting your Head off
Okay, he got it – you’ve got plenty of friends and family members that want to talk to you. But need it be as urgent? Are you a doctor or a police officer? If the answer is ‘no’, then just leave the phone away and watch him. Is he that boring?

5. Cancelling the Date
There are always reasons that might come up for cancelling a first date. Bad day at the office, injury and whatnot. These things can’t be planned and it’s better to call and reschedule than to be nervous and unhappy when with him. If you’re cancelling without such a reason, then just don’t accept the invitation in the first place, you obviously don’t’ like him!

6. Being Unreasonably Picky when it Comes to Food
It’s okay to have your preferences, but pickiness can be annoying when done wrongly. The guys always ask if you have preferences and if you don’t like Indian or Chinese food, just say so when you have the chance. Going to the Sushi restaurant and ordering a drink with green salad is not cool.

7. High Heels
No, guys love the illusion created by the high heels – you seem to have longer legs and look taller. But overdoing the length might turn him off. Having a 3-inch difference with him is okay, but with 4-inch heels, you are now taller and this will ruin the experience. Not to mention that he can’t take you to a fun place he usually enjoys if you’re dressed for a fancy French restaurant.


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