Robert Lyons, a 39-year-old man who suffered from bipolar disorder, got very angry when his mother refused to his get him skybox seats for an Avril Lavigne concert. Lyons had asked his mother, Linda Bolek, to call her friend and ask if he could use the box for the concert. When she did not do this, the two got into an argument in the kitchen of their Carol Stream, IL home.

Lyons hit his mother in the head with a bottle of cognac and then stabbed her repeatedly. He then poured household cleaner on her body. The police apprehended Lyons a few hours later at a local Hooters restaurant. While there was no doubt that Lyons was the one who killed Bolek, there was a dispute over whether Bolek had first threatened her son with a knife.

This is what Lyons said when he called his mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend said that Lyons and Bolek would have angry, profanity-laced fights about once or twice a month.

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