20 similar cases have been reported in China. This Chinese girl of 11 years has a fetus encrusted and stands on his back. This is obviously the unborn fetus of a twin, which survives as a parasite in your body. Parents were told since she was born on this malformation. Since then collected money so they could afford the surgery when the time came. Now, the fetus parasite reached such a large size that began to undermine the health of the girl, named Yin Xin, born in the village of Chanzhi, Shanxi province. “All you could see this malformation was initially his arm. However, it is now increasingly taking the form of m human body. The arm, belly and bootie including the fetus can be observed, “report the parents. In the coming days, the small Yin will undergo a series of tests to the doctors to check the best way to extraium spokesman medical staff, “the abnormality has brought many problems for Yin Xin.

She has 11 years, but measures only 1.11 m. Additionally, your shoulders and your back is deformed because the fetus parasite. “But we are confident that cirururgia succeed and she will be able to develop a relatively normal life after the operation


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