Ostrichs Eye Is Bigger Than Its Brain

Did you know That ostrich’s eye is greater than its brain. Despite the small brains, ostriches are huge birds. they can weigh between one hundred forty to 290 lbs and their eggs vary from range to five lbs. Ostriches are closely associated with dinosaurs, and have similar tissue to a T-Rex. One thing that is not true concerning ostriches is that they do not bury their heads in sand when they are afraid. Male ostriches dig massive holes

The Diamondback Terrapin Turtle

Named for the diamond-shaped growth rings on its prime shell, the diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) a turtle native to the eastern and southern united states. Diet Diamondback terrapins consume fish, snails, worms, clams, crabs and marsh plants. Behavior The diamondback terrapin is believed to be the sole turtle within the world that lives completely in briny water (containing some salt, however not the maximum