10 Things You May Not Know About Israel’s Past

1. El Al used to fly to Tehran.
El Al’s Tehran office - Screen shot from After the Revolution

Yom Ha’atzmaut, The Israel’s independence Day, falls on April 23rd. In honor of Jewish state’s 67th birthday, we present, in no specific order, Ten little-known aspects of its Background history.
Iran and Israel enjoyed mostly good relations up until the Islamic revolution that overthrew the shah in 1979. Iran identified Israel in 1950, getting the 2nd Islamic-majority country to do so (after Turkey). Iran provided Israel with oil during the OPEC oil embargo, Israel sold Iran guns, there was brisk buswithiness between your countrys, and Elal flew normal routes between Tel Aviv and Tehran. All that ended a week after the shah’s ouster, when Iran’s new rulers reduce ties with Israel and shifted its embassy in Tehran to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Even after 35 years of hostilities, however, Iranians have less antipathy toward Jews than any other Middle Eastern country. A 2014 worldwide anti-Semitism survey by the Anti-Defamation Group found that 56% of Iranians hold anti-Semitic opinions — compared to 80% of Moroccans and 93% of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
check out the 2014 documentary, “Before the revolution”.

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